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At present, we are urgently looking for:


1. The CIO position, based in Ho Chi Minh, open for Expat and Overseas Vietnamese only,with VERY ATTRACTIVE SALARY (over 7.5K USD/month). Please see Job description below for your more information:

This role is responsible for aligning technology vision with business strategy, ensuring development and implementation of technology systems, maintaining existing enterprise systems and robust data and knowledge management processes and providing direction to all technology related issues.

  1. Aligning IT Department working towards business strategy and organizational goal.
  2. To determine the financial objective of all IT Departments along with the annual budgeting process
  3. To stipulate periodic measure to identify and rectify deviations from budget
  4. To set procurement policies that ensure cost efficient procurement of IT Infrastructure and services
  5. To have frequent discussions with all IT individual department heads to understand customer issues and to ensure quick resolution of matter
  6. To seek feedback from all internal customers to understand if their IT requirements are being met
  7. To manage relationship with key vendors for supply of hardware and software and ensure timeliness and quality of the application delivered
  8. To liaise with external agencies (like Auditors and other legal entities), infrastructure vendors/suppliers for smooth functioning of all departments
  9. To define an IT strategy to implement the business strategy in line with market practice
  10. To ensure periodic maintenance of the IT infrastructure and timely and quality support for users
  11. To guide computer systems and software technology developments initiatives to support business requirements at the Central level
  12. To spearhead change management initiatives in collaboration with other IT department heads to facilitate the adoption of new or improved IT processes and/or procedures across the organization
  13. To oversee and review all legal technology issues across the organization
  14. To recruit and develop a core IT team that will blend with the organization culture and strive towards achieving IT objectives effectively & efficiently
  15. To develop talent within the team by providing consistent direction and support to achieve stretch targets and take leadership positions

2. Managing Director, General Manager, Country Manager for Hanoi and HCM Based, IT Company

Beside, we are also looking for IT Manager, IT Director, IT Country Manager, Chief Information Officer, Account Manager, Presales Engineer, Technical Manager, Systems Engineer, Java Developer, SEO Engineer, General Director, Mananging Director, Country Manager (IT companies)... in Vietnam.

Please send us your resumse in MS Word format at soon as possible to or call our hotline at +84 914 111 361